Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's been a YEAR ??

Yeah, It has been a year since I blogged. Why do I find it so hard to just write a little something everyday, or week or even every month in my blog ? I don't know. But I am writing in it today.
Our 2010 shows were ok, some were better than others and some really were bad.
So this year, we are cutting back, just doing the ones we know we do pretty good at. And with gas prices going up, can you believe $3.40 per gallon.....sheesh...

We will see us at the nbew Jasper Art Festival , April 16th and 17th, and of course we will be at the 2nd annual Dunwoody Arts Festival Mother's Day weekend, May 7th and 8th.
So come out and see us at the festivals !!

And check out our web sites and etsy shop at

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The Scrappy Tree said...

LOL. I am bad at keeping up with my personal blog too! :) Your work is amazing!