Monday, June 23, 2008

Art Shows at Night ??

Art shows at Night ???....hmmm. now it would be cool, temperature wise, and maybe more people would come out. But.....what about lights ???
So, if you do a show at night, you will need electricity so that you can plug your lights into it......but what if you did a show and they did not have enough power for everyone to have lights ???....would you do the show ???

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Teaching, Creating and Selling

It is really hard to get to everything we need to in 1 day. Yes, I am saying that 24 hours is not enough ! How can we get 40 hours into a day ? Is that asking to much ? Would we be even more tired ? I want to expand my bead business and market in every area I can, but can I really do this ? Is it possible to keep up with 7 different networking sites on a weekly basis ? List new beads on Etsy and eBay daily ? Participate in the forums on Etsy, LE and only God knows where else ?
I want to do it all, but can I ?