Thursday, September 22, 2011

Too many shows on the same weekend !

Well last weekend, 9-17 & 18, my sister and I did the Sandy Spring Festival. And that same weekend is the Atlanta Arts Festival in Piedmont Park and The Roswell Art Festival in the square in Roswell. I my opinion, this economy cannot sustain 3 big art shows on the same weekend. 4 years ago we were at the Roswell Arts Festival and easily did over 10 times our booth fee. Those days are gone, but I pray they will be back soon. Until then, I really wish the promoters of art show would consider what other festivals are happening , before scheduling theirs. Splash Festivals is one of the BEST art show promoters in the southeast and you can bet they check the calender first. Well if you did one of the shows this past weekend and what to share your thoughts, please do so.
Until next time.........we give the Sandy Springs Festival 1.5 thumbs up !

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's been a YEAR ??

Yeah, It has been a year since I blogged. Why do I find it so hard to just write a little something everyday, or week or even every month in my blog ? I don't know. But I am writing in it today.
Our 2010 shows were ok, some were better than others and some really were bad.
So this year, we are cutting back, just doing the ones we know we do pretty good at. And with gas prices going up, can you believe $3.40 per gallon.....sheesh...

We will see us at the nbew Jasper Art Festival , April 16th and 17th, and of course we will be at the 2nd annual Dunwoody Arts Festival Mother's Day weekend, May 7th and 8th.
So come out and see us at the festivals !!

And check out our web sites and etsy shop at

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Shows for 2010

Well we have submitted all of our applications for the shows we would like to do for 2010.
Can you guess how many ?? 20 shows, wow I am tired already !!! Just kidding. We are very excited and looking forward to a very profitable 2010. This is OUR YEAR !!! Come out to the shows and support us !

So to keep up with us and were we will be, Please go to my web site and sign up for the newsletter updates !

Oh and I almost forgot !!! You need to join my NEW Bead of the Month Club !
You will get Fabulous Beads at Fabulous Prices !! Don't miss out of this !

The First 5 members to sign up will get a FREE set of beads ! A value of $30.00 !

We'll be in Peachtree City this coming Saturday at the Buy - Design Jewelry Show

See you at the shows !!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Long time no blog....i'm a bad girl....

Well I had promised to blog more but life just happened. On 9-21-09 my studio flooded with 3 feet of water. It was a nightmare. But thanks to all of my friends, fellow artists, family and customers, we survived and I am back up and running.

check out the pictures

Happy New Year and I promise to do better at blogging this year !

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chapter 4 - The Yellow Dirty Festival - The final chapter

The sales for Saturday and Sunday were less than desirable, They had no idea how anyone other than the guy that sold the weather vains made any money, cause the girls sure as s*&t did not.

So many artists had told them in previous years they had made enough dollars to buy a newer car....yeah right....maybe a car without an engine.

The dismantle was no fun, they try to laugh, but as they removed the jewelry from the display the lines it left from the dirt was UNBELIEVABLE !!! You can not begin to imagine just how dirty everything got. And NO OTHER ARTISTS had EVER mentioned this, and they could only guess that those artists had made so much money that the dirt did not matter. HMMMM.....they sure did not....sad

So as they were packing everything up and trying to avoid packing grand daddy long leg spiders in the bins, one of the girls got stung in the crouch area by a nasty bee and then she wet herself and was screaming and leaping around. One of the other girls ran around to get a cigarette for the tobacco to put on the sting.

Now it is starting to get dark and even though they had lights, they had to turn them off so that they could cool off to be packed and so they clipped 2 lights to the chairs to finish packing up.

Then after cramming 2 vans with their displays, tents and merchandise. It was time to get the last 2 lights and extension cords. It was around 9:30pm , so they turned on one of the vehicles headlights and drew straws to see WHO would turn off the lights.

You see there where hundreds of bugs swarming around the lights....yes hundreds.

So, I hope that you have enjoyed this little story and that if you have ever wanted to do the Yellow Daisy Festival, you have been warned !

P.S. The festival is well organized and the people who volunteer are GREAT !!!
Also we met The Negron family who supplied the festival with 3 VERY NICE bathroom trailers.
These were wonderful, clean, attended and had A/C, running hot and cold water, soap and music !!! Thank you PORTA TOILETS OF ROME !!!!! WE LOVE YOU !!!
Oh and thank goodness for the BEER tent !!

The girls welcome all and any comments !

The Yellow Dirty Festival - Chapter 3

So in anticipation of a busy Friday, the girls arrive early to be ready for the crowds. Thursday had been so busy.....but as the day went on they crowds were not as they had expected and they notice that there seemed to be a lot of dirt accumulating on there displays.....Later that night as they were home they noticed blowing their was black !!!! They had never had Black Boogers !!! So you can just imagine how much dirt was in their booth, on their displays and on their jewelry !!! They were not very happy. But they were excited and looking for a GREAT saturday and sunday !.....right

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chapter 2 - Yellow Dirty Festival

The girls were so excited that they got there at 8am the next morning. Ready for the crowds of people to come and buy their creations. Even though the ants were marching in their booth and the grand daddy long legs spiders were there too, they did have a good amount of customers shopping the first day of the show.

Other artists seemed to enjoyed the unusual crowd of people, shopping and buying.

It was a good first day !!!