Thursday, September 22, 2011

Too many shows on the same weekend !

Well last weekend, 9-17 & 18, my sister and I did the Sandy Spring Festival. And that same weekend is the Atlanta Arts Festival in Piedmont Park and The Roswell Art Festival in the square in Roswell. I my opinion, this economy cannot sustain 3 big art shows on the same weekend. 4 years ago we were at the Roswell Arts Festival and easily did over 10 times our booth fee. Those days are gone, but I pray they will be back soon. Until then, I really wish the promoters of art show would consider what other festivals are happening , before scheduling theirs. Splash Festivals is one of the BEST art show promoters in the southeast and you can bet they check the calender first. Well if you did one of the shows this past weekend and what to share your thoughts, please do so.
Until next time.........we give the Sandy Springs Festival 1.5 thumbs up !