Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chapter 4 - The Yellow Dirty Festival - The final chapter

The sales for Saturday and Sunday were less than desirable, They had no idea how anyone other than the guy that sold the weather vains made any money, cause the girls sure as s*&t did not.

So many artists had told them in previous years they had made enough dollars to buy a newer car....yeah right....maybe a car without an engine.

The dismantle was no fun, they try to laugh, but as they removed the jewelry from the display the lines it left from the dirt was UNBELIEVABLE !!! You can not begin to imagine just how dirty everything got. And NO OTHER ARTISTS had EVER mentioned this, and they could only guess that those artists had made so much money that the dirt did not matter. HMMMM.....they sure did not....sad

So as they were packing everything up and trying to avoid packing grand daddy long leg spiders in the bins, one of the girls got stung in the crouch area by a nasty bee and then she wet herself and was screaming and leaping around. One of the other girls ran around to get a cigarette for the tobacco to put on the sting.

Now it is starting to get dark and even though they had lights, they had to turn them off so that they could cool off to be packed and so they clipped 2 lights to the chairs to finish packing up.

Then after cramming 2 vans with their displays, tents and merchandise. It was time to get the last 2 lights and extension cords. It was around 9:30pm , so they turned on one of the vehicles headlights and drew straws to see WHO would turn off the lights.

You see there where hundreds of bugs swarming around the lights....yes hundreds.

So, I hope that you have enjoyed this little story and that if you have ever wanted to do the Yellow Daisy Festival, you have been warned !

P.S. The festival is well organized and the people who volunteer are GREAT !!!
Also we met The Negron family who supplied the festival with 3 VERY NICE bathroom trailers.
These were wonderful, clean, attended and had A/C, running hot and cold water, soap and music !!! Thank you PORTA TOILETS OF ROME !!!!! WE LOVE YOU !!!
Oh and thank goodness for the BEER tent !!

The girls welcome all and any comments !

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Karen Siddiqi said...

Hi, Diane! It was really nice to meet you last night at the Christmas party!! I'll "follow" your blog so I can keep in touch...I'd love to have you follow mine at Merry Christmas!