Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blogging to Market your business

Well, I have not blogged since July and that is bad. I am hearing that Blogging is the new "Web Site", even better the way to advertise your business. I have always had good marketing skills. My favorite is the tried and true Business card. My goal is to hand out a minimum of 5 per week. In line at the grocery store, the bank, the post office, anywhere you have a chance to tell people who you are and what you do. I guess that this is pretty "Old school" compared to the new and advanced ways of today's standards. But it has always worked for me.
Another good marketing method is links to your web site from others. This is free and can get a lot of traffic to your site. Also good meta tags or key words. If you do a search on google for "Glass Bead making Classes in Georgia" , My site is the first one that comes up, the same for Bead Displays in Georgia.
And there is always the paid method of advertising. Yellow Book, Yellow pages, magazines, newspapers.
And now what does one have to do to advertise in Blogging ?
I believe that if you have a good product, and you have a captive audience, that is looking for your product, oua-la ! I think they need to hear about you, know others that have purchased from you, and LOVE you product. So, I would think that asking everyone you know to write in their blogs about you and have links to your web site, would get you more hits, and of course the great possibility of more sales.

We are at the Roswell Arts Festival this weekend, in space # 31, on the street. Stop if you can and check out our new fall designs, before they all sell out, and my sisters new dicro pendant and earring sets, and my new pendants and lampwork flower rings.

I will blog more, I promise.

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thebeadedlily said...

I visited your Website and Etsy stores and you have gorgeous bead! Sever sets I said 'oooh that's pretty' outloud, I was so taken!
Anyway-- it's great that you're having success!